Nootropics is a group of drugs, whose action is directed at optimizing metabolic processes in the central nervous system with the aim to restore cognitive and motor functions. The mechanism of action is associated with improved metabolic rate (normalization of the ratio of ATP and ADP, increased activity of phospholipase A, stimulation of plastic and bioenergetic processes in the nervous tissue, accelerating interneural contacts and exchange of neurotransmitters) and blood supply to the brain.

As a result of the use of nootropics, the following cognitive (learning) processes improve: learning ability, memory, attention, mental performance enhances, as well as restoration of movement and speech after cerebrovascular accidents is noticed.

Medications of nootropic nature are widely used in psycho-organic disorders of vascular, traumatic and toxic genesis (coma, brain injury, acute ischemic stroke, viral neuroinfection), asthenia, decreased attention and mental functions, Alzheimer’s disease, mental development delay, birth injury, in treatment and prevention of neonatal asphyxia. It is used to correct side effects of psychotropic therapy, as well as in the complex therapy of cortical myoclonus.