Painkillers – at all times, the problem of pain relief was important. Pain relief is an artificial elimination of the body’s sensitivity to pain. It is very important for the successful completion of surgeries, diagnosis and treatment. Pain is a defense mechanism of the body, which helps to avoid injury. But there are situations in which pain is needed to be “switched off”. That is why pain pills are so popular. The ways of anesthesia are studied by a separate science, anesthesiology.

Painkillers are used since ancient times. From the dawn of time mankind has used the simplest methods of anesthesia by using herbs. Medications helping with pain at various pathological conditions often consist of organic alkaloids. But since the 19th century a unique substance, morphine, has been used in medicine.

Anesthesia can be local and general (narcosis). During the local anesthesia, those nerves and pathways that conduct signals from the periphery to the central nervous system are securely locked. Thus, it does not reach the central nervous system. But general anesthesia is based on the oppression of those entities in the brain that are responsible for the perception of pain.

A quality pain reliever will help to quickly deal with any kind of pain. Now the level of anesthesia has reached such heights that the pain can be reliably blocked virtually during any surgical procedure. Today’s level of anesthesia primarily provides a broad class of painkillers. A well-chosen powerful painkiller will help effectively cope with any kind of pain.