Performance enhancing drugs – at first glance, it might seem that there should be no problems with the choice of vitamin and mineral supplements and other remedies influencing the speed of recovery and growth of muscles in athletes, as sports nutrition stores offer a wide range of additives for every taste and budget. When choosing vitamins, we recommend that you opt for pharmaceuticals, rather than many dietary supplements from a range of sports nutrition stores.

Any vitamins and pills sold outside pharmacies are just dietary supplements. Unlike medicines, their real effectiveness, as well as the ingredients indicated on the package, depend exclusively on the manufacturer’s conscience. Plus, the cost of such systems is often quite unreasonably overpriced.

Meanwhile, the use of “dummies” and ineffective remedies does not lead to faster recovery processes and, consequently, does not help to grow the muscle mass and improve physical performance. Medications presented in our online pharmacy, have proven to be effective, they increase endurance and strength of the athletes, increase the speed of the body’s recovery after workouts and improve athletic performance.

For this reason, we recommend the use of vitamins and medicines, which are sold exclusively in pharmacies and only registered as medicines.